Object Soft is one of the leading experienced  offshore web development companies on the internet. We have over 10  years of experience in constructing and development of interactive web  site services, using the new & latest scripting technologies  available and the newest marketing technologies, along with the best  professionals in the area. Our experience in offering complete offshore  web development services and complex internet solutions, by web site  design and programming to the complex marketing campaigns is vaster than  most of the other companies. 


 All of our IT consulting engagements begin with a discovery session.Object Soft  experts come to you for a complimentary half-day session to identify business challenges and viable approaches to solving them. We also identify the necessary participants in your engagement and your desired outcomes for implementing emerging technologies in your enterprise. 


 Our approach provides your business with dedicated staffing consultants.  The result is increased responsiveness, as well as accountability,  because the consultant who creates your staffing solution is also  responsible for implementing it. Highly trained and qualified, our  agents are experts in screening talent and assessing proficiency. We  also conduct focused behavioral interviews and comprehensive skill  assessments to ensure you get the exact staffing solution you need.

Our consultants will work closely with you during the search process  to ensure a clear understanding of the position, the impact on your  organization, and your expectations.

Contract-to-hire enables our clients to fill a full-time position after  an on-the-job performance evaluation. It is an intermediate staffing  solution where a candidate is employed on a temporary basis with an  intention to be absorbed on a permanent role after evaluating his/ her  skills and capabilities for a specific period. As an employer, you get  tremendous flexibility in terms of monitoring work performance of a  consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment