Health Care

  •  Healthcare management solutions and life sciences  solutions are the challenging field of work in the emerging era of  technology. Industry Sectors are witnessing revolution almost in  all-surmounting factors. Healthcare management solutions need to be more  improvised in business processes 

CAD &CAM Services(Mechanical)


  •  Our core competency lies not only in our domain knowledge and expertise  but also in the way we collaborate with our clients through the various  stages in product development where we willingly and constantly modify  our processes to accommodate innovative approaches. 


  •  Checking, savings, and overdraft accounts, as well as different types of  call, recurring, and term deposits. Front office functions relating to  teller and customer relationship management are supported, as are  back-office functions, such as clearing, funds transfer, standing  orders, debit card management, and sweeps.  


  •  As an insurance software outsourcing company, our  experience spans several business processes and lines of business. Some  of the application areas and business processes where we have  significant process expertise include: outsourced offshore insurance  management software solutions. Industry worldwide is undergoing through a  changing business landscape, stiff competition, rising consumer  demands, growing mergers & acquisitions and constant regulatory  changes. 


  •   Object Soft has gained considerable experience in last few years  providing end-toend solutions for clients’ intricate requirements.  Flexibility is our mantra. Our engineers understand SDLC very well and  understand the importance of processes very well. But we also can offer  flexibility in adapting to different processes of different  organizations putting us and our clients at ease with each other very  quickly. Our strong forte has been ability to provide both software  & hardware solutions thereby easing the task for our clients,  especially in the domains related to core embedded technologies. 

Mobility Solutions

  •  The need for business transformation for communication service providers  has never been greater than before. With a rapidly changing business  landscape in communication services, it is necessary for service  providers today to establish their brand as the best in the market and  at the same time transform their systems to support and launch new  services continuously across multiple channels of communication.